2020 Lockdown Merchandise Bundle

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Jeff Gallant Complete Lockdown 2020 Merchandise Bundle

A fixed set that consists of :

1 x baseball cap, 1 x T - Shirt, 1 x Face Covering, 1x Mug & 1 x set of 4 coasters.

Printed by Design & Embroidery.

Face Covering sizes - Small: 15x12.5x7.5cm. Loop relaxed: 12cm, Loop stretched: 16cm.

Medium: 15x12.5x7.5cm. Loop relaxed: 14cm, Loop stretched: 20cm.

Large: 15x12.5x7.5cm. Loop relaxed: 16cm, Loop stretched: 24cm.

Please note : measurement is from centre of nose to middle of ear.

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