The Musician

The Musician

Jeff was late developing his musicianship skills in the general scheme of things and didn’t begin to learn guitar until late 1994 when Jeff was 16 years old and had began singing and songwriting and needed an instrument to accompany his lyrics. 

Jeff mainly self taught himself guitar chords, with occasional direction from his cousin Michael, a proficient self taught guitarist, in his own right, who chose never to pursue music beyond a hobby. 

Following the formation of Jeff’s first band, Taboo, in 1996  Jeff began to play rhythm guitar more frequently in the band and started to enjoy playing the instrument and using it as an on stage prop and not just a writing tool. 

A few years later Jeff decided to re learn guitar properly under the tuition of private guitar tutor and band leader of local Rock outfit Rawkus, Phil Murphy. At this stage Jeff began to understand a better relation to the instrument and the theory behind music in general and the guitar took on a new life and Jeff began to feel like he was a real musician for the first time. 

Jeff continued to learn the theory of music and the guitar as an instrument and took grades with RGT. 

Jeff is now a private guitar tutor himself and teaches guitar to students of all ages from his studio and also at Martham Academy School. 

Guitar remains Jeff’s main instrument alongside his voice, but he has also self taught himself to a basic standard in piano, bass and drums although he would not class himself as a musician in those fields, by any stretch of the imagination, but it comes in handy when writing a melody line, or to fit in a piano part or a bass riff for a song.