The Producer


Music production is an area Jeff has always had an interest but until recently it has been an area he hasn’t been able to fully experiment in as he hasn’t had the equipment or studio space to be able to utilise this skill.

Jeff has done some small productions in the past and has produced a few live recorded albums of himself and his band , but he was never able to fully create a product he had full control over or that he felt he could produce to his full potential. 

Jeff finally designed and built his own studio in 2019 with the help from his Dad, Barry, and completed his dream of having his own studio and the ability to produce, teach and create in that environment.

Jeff’s studio is small but functional and is a perfect base for him to explore his potential as a music and video producer alongside the rest of his musical career.

Jeff has produced his album “Six Feet Apart” which was recorded during the lock down period during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 and has also created and produced a number of music videos and musical tribute videos since his studio opened in 2019. 

some examples of jeff's audio and visual productions

Lovin' All Night - Performed by Jeff Gallant & Andy Mottram
Written by R. Crowell & Produced by Jeff Gallant.

When I get where i'm going - A tribute for George Ing
performed & produced by Jeff Gallant
Written by George teren& rivers rutherford.