The Singer


Jeff’s ambition to launch singing career began in the 1996 when he took voice coaching lessons and shortly after formed his first band “Taboo” a Rock and Punk  styled band performing original and covers material, playing  the Great Yarmouth and Norwich scenes, throughout the late 90’s growing in popularity, until unfortunately the band disbanded, due to the others members leaving the area to pursue their own alternative careers  through university. 

A lot of fond memories fill this period for Jeff and that first taste of “band life” was special and a superb learning experience with a bunch of talented and good people. 

After the end of Taboo, Jeff continued to perform with various musician friends including a performance on local radio station “Beach Radio” with Daren Francis and Steve Cannon and a short string of performances with a group of friends committed to other bands, under the name of the “Kung Fu Hamster”. 

This time was great fun for Jeff and another superb experience to grow and create as a musician with many different musical influences.

Taboo - 1996
Left to right : Jeff, Adam Austen, Ellen Maxwell & Tom Eagle
The original Jeff Gallant & the norfolk cowboy band October 2001
left to right : George Ing, Terry Annison, Jeff, jd read & Colin Watson

Jeff’s family has always been involved with the UK country music scene and it was 2001 that Jeff decided that that was where his heart was and he decided to form his own country music outfit to try his hand at something completely different. 

In mid 2001 Jeff had his first line up of the country music band he aimed to put together.

It featured Jeff as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Colin Watson as lead guitarist, JD Read as pedal steel guitarist, Terry Annison as bass guitarist and George Ing as Drummer and percussionist. 

Jeff at that first gig - pontins 2001

Another great bunch of people to form a band with and the band was launched with their first gig at Pontins Country Music Festival in the October of 2001 and sealed the performance by being brought back for 3 encores from the sold out audience.

The Booker of the performance was Jeff’s uncle, and respected UK country music promoter, Tony Gallant, and both Jeff and Tony took the gamble that the band would be well received and thankfully paid off for both of them. 

Jeff Gallant & The norfolk cowboys - pontins 2001

Throughout the years the band has changed faces and instrumentation, but has always remained both fun and professional and Jeff has always tried to feature his band members and has been blessed with a selection of both great musicians and personalities, many of which remain good friends to this day. 

some other band members and musicians who have worked with Jeff’s band over the years have included:
Titch Reeder (Fiddle and Keyboards ), Dick Hewitt (Drums, Percussion and Banjo), George Ing (Bass Guitar),
Ray Phillips (Pedal Steel Guitar and Lead Guitar), “Big Dave” Watson (Bass Guitar), ian gallant (bass guitar), 

Tony Browne (Pedal Steel Guitar), Steve Kedge (Lead Guitar), David Hartley (Pedal Steel Guitar),
Ray Kedge (Pedal Steel Guitar), 
Selwyn read (fiddle and lead guitar), Jess Mortimer (Bass Guitar),
derek thurlby (pedal steel guitar and lead guitar), Matty Baker (Drums and Percussion),
Kevin Barnes (Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar), Clive Grant (Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar and Vocals),
Mark Dunn (Pedal Steel Guitar, Lead Guitar and Vocals) & many more.

Jeff’s current favoured line up of Jeff Gallant Band consists of :
Jeff (Vocals and rhythm guitar), Mark Dunn (Pedal steel guitar, lead guitar and vocals),
Clive Grant (Bass guitar and vocals) and matty baker (drums, percussion and vocals)

Jeff also launched a solo, duo and most recently trio options for his performances 
to create an act for every occasion and size or budget of club or venue. 

These acts continue to grow alongside the band and are becoming very popular. 

the full measures duo
Left to right : Daren Francis & Jib Philips (Jeff).

Country music is definitely Jeff’s vocal niche and where his heart lies, but he has always enjoyed all styles of music and continued to perform pop and rock music under the name of “Jib Philips” and “The Full Measures Duo” (with Daren Francis), until the end of 2019 when Jeff decided to concentrate all of his efforts in his career as Jeff Gallant and in his preferred style of country music, although occasionally you may hear a crossover hit appear on the set list if it’s requested. 


Jeff has been lucky enough to sing on festival, theatre, club and village hall stages and floors, all over the Uk, and also an impromptu 45 minute performance with a bluegrass country outfit in a music cafe in Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA and a stand in performance with a band in Roberts Bar on the famous Broadway strip in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Jeff - doing what he does best - singing country music & having fun


Jeff continues to fulfil his dream and career as a singer and musician
and continues to tour all over the UK .

We hope to see you all soon, at a venue near you.