The Songwriter


Jeff has always loved lyrics and the way that entwined with a melody they can create a feeling or an emotion.

Jeff has been influenced over the years by many different, but all great writers such as Jon Bon Jovi, Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Tom T Hall, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, John Prine, Kriss Kristofferson, Sam Cooke, Hank Williams Snr, Ed Sheeran,  Simon and Garfunkel, Lennon and McCartney, Willie Nelson and many more. 

Jeff started writing songs back in high school but couldn’t play a musical instrument at the time, so they took on the form of poetry with a rhyming verse more than the songs they became and were just a way to outlet thoughts and emotions at the time. 

Jeff really started to take songwriting seriously when he started college in 1994 and befriended a guitarist, James Dudman, who encouraged Jeff’s writing and took an real interest in the lyrics Jeff had already written and put music to some of those “poems”.

This became a very creative period got Jeff and after teaching himself some basic guitar his writing began to gain real substance and feeling.

This was fuelled again with the formation of Jeff’s first band “Taboo” in 1996 and the band regularly featured Jeff’s original songs in their repertoire and those songs became very popular with the bands followers, including songs such as Addicted To You, The Music Starts To Fade, Sofa, Missing In Action, Leaving You Behind Me, Lost In Your Eyes, Thinking and many more. 

Jeff has always written in many different styles, although his country roots has always flavoured his music, no matter what style of genre the song ended up in, giving most of his compositions a strong story lyric and melodic vocal line. 

Jeff continues to write from both personal experience and  fictional perspectives and finds his inspiration for writing in many places such as real life, movies, news stories, etc… and continues to create in all different genres.

Jeff performs his own material, in his various acts, as well as writing for others on request.

His later compositions include Listen To My Heart, Dancing With Her Memory, How’s Life Been Treating You?, True Country… Too Country?, Hotel Living, The Missing You Song, Those Times Are Here & many more. 

Jeff continues to enjoy the writing process and finds a great satisfaction in creating a lyric to convey an emotional connection to the listener and singer alike. 

Be sure to listen out for Jeff’s original material in the future.